Case Studies

Establishing a multi-state model for collaboration in providing unemployment insurance benefits.

Intueor has supported a consortium of six state workforce agencies, established to facilitate collaborations in administrating the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program in their respective states by sharing resources, a common vendor, and a common base system. Intueor supported the consortium to identify operational gaps, and establish and implement an operational model for collaborating.

In 2013, the four states formed a consortium to find and gain efficiencies in their unemployment insurance programs by sharing resources. Two states later joined the founding four states in the consortium. Four years later the U.S. Department of Labor provided a grant to conduct a feasibility study exploring how the consortia could operate and scale. The study would look at a shared model of maintenance and support of their Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs, and shared tax and benefit systems, while continually enhancing the systems, as necessary, to keep them current with each of the states’ needs.

Intueor supported the consortium to complete the feasibility study, including project planning, assessing the current state of the consortium’s UI systems, defining what future state that the consortium would like to achieve, identifying and analyzing operational gaps in each state’s UI maintenance and support systems, designing a roadmap for implementing a shared maintenance and support model, and producing a final report on the overall feasibility of the consortium.

The shared-support model that consortium developed with Intueor’s support remains operational.