Sectors & Industries

We support our clients in the following sectors: transportation, unemployment insurance, asset management, public services, and capital projects and infrastructure.


The market for public transportation changed quickly after COVID-19. Intueor can help navigate these changes. We are committed to providing a forward-looking vision to our clients, and collaboratively reimagining public transportation as we emerge from this crisis.

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State & Local Government

Governments shouldn't be delivering anything less than most innovative and efficient public services. Intueor understands the unique and evolving challenges facing state and local governments, and our support takes into account the needs of all stakeholders.

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Unemployment Insurance

Intueor is enabling states to more efficiently provide unemployment aid to residents. With Intueor’s support, the departments of labor in five states are now building cloud-based information technology with modern programming language and robust data analysis capabilities.

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Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Large capital projects can present immense challenges. Intueor's support for clients undertaking capital projects is inclusive of all technical elements involved -- personnel, budget, and contract terms -- and continues through implementation and delivery.

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Asset Management

Organizations that have invested in large capital programs carry the responsibility to maximize asset productivity and keep pace with depreciation, often with increasingly tightening budgets. Intueor works with organizations to evaluate the condition, value, and performance of each of its assets.

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Featured Case Studies

Strategic plan for a top 10 transit agency

Designing a plan for advancing information technology systems.

Intueor led the development of an agency-wide IT strategic plan for one of the largest transit agencies in the United States, outlining a 10-year horizon for IT initiatives, including business applications, IT hardware and infrastructure, ITS organizational structure, and IT operational efficiencies.

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Innovating unemployment insurance

Establishing a multi-state model for collaboration in providing unemployment insurance benefits.

Intueor has supported a consortium of six state workforce agencies, established to facilitate collaborations in administrating the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program in their respective states by sharing resources, a common vendor, and a common base system. Intueor supported the consortium to identify operational gaps, and establish and implement an operational model for collaborating.

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