Asset Management

Asset intensive organizations face complex choices to balance performance, reliability, service quality, safety, environmental resilience, and fiscal responsibility.

Aging infrastructure, shifting customer preferences, advancing technology, and limited funding place intense pressure on organizations to make effective decisions in deploying and managing assets. Informed asset decisions can have a significant impact on the ability of an organization to meet its goals and objectives, while the consequences of asset failures can be damaging and potentially catastrophic.

To gain the maximum benefit from its assets, an organization must focus on the entire asset lifecycle.  Effective and smart design and acquisition, deployment based on fitness for purpose, maintaining a state of good repair, continuous improvement in configuration, life-extending overhauls and renewal, condition-based investment priorities, and timely replacement are essential to maximizing the contribution of assets in pursuing an organization’s mission.  Timely and accurate asset information, an informed and trained workforce, and well designed business processes are key enablers and success factors for best practice asset management.

Intueor has assisted organizations align asset management policy and strategy with organizational objectives, establish asset management improvement programs, and specify, acquire, and implement technology to support all areas of asset management.

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