Research and Modeling

Identifying sources of truth, understanding trends, gaining insight, and informing strategy.

To confidently execute a business strategy, data-validated analysis and experienced counsel are essential. Intueor has worked with public sector organizations to synthesize data, understand challenges, and uncover opportunities and solutions. This capability enriches the industry experience our consultants have accumulated over decades and has become a core Intueor service offering.

Our research team is committed to detailed data discovery and to presenting analysis in a way that is accessible to all stakeholders. Intueor maintains a rigid research methodology: We substantiate insight with data before it is presented to clients, and our consultants work with clients to ensure our analysis is understood and addresses operational needs.

Intueor’s research practice is source not only for our clients, but the industries we serve. Our consultants have authored opinion pieces in national publications, research papers, and participated in webinars aimed at informing public sector and industry professionals.

In working with Intueor, clients gain access to a library of research and precise models that can inform strategies and decisions.

Among other sources, Intueor has experience working with data from:

  • U.S. Census, including the Community Population Survey
  • U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics
  • Integrated Public Use Microdata Series

Advisory Specialist

Meet the Leadership Team
Jordan Taylor

Principal Consultant

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Preparing for post-COVID-19 changes.

The client, a state government, required a plan for how to build back after COVID-19. Working with partners, Intueor helped understand how the world changed after the pandemic, and uncovered ways to strengthen communities.

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