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Intueor maintains a core commitment to changing the status quo. We are a community of difference makers. Our clients serve something greater than themselves, and so must we in serving them.  

It is because of the unique work of our clients that we enforce the highest standards for ourselves. We're detail oriented and relentlessly focused on improving outcomes for clients. Intueor team members thrive when they resolve themselves to advancing the interests of our partners and the stakeholders surrounding them.

Intueor is always searching for new team members of varying degrees of experience to join the Intueor community and advance our collective mission. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your interest and qualifications for joining our firm.

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Mobility as a Service: The way forward after COVID-19?
June 2020

A roadmap for leading public transit after the crisis

Public transit is in an unprecedented moment of crisis. Riders have abandoned public transit as the novel coronavirus spreads, and there are plenty of warning signs that they may not soon return. Can public transit agencies bring these passengers back, or will these passengers stay permanently away? The solution will come only after a fundamental evaluation of what a public transit agency does.

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A new business model for public transit emerges
October 2020

Is it time to rip out the farebox?

Making public transit free might seem a crazy idea, but it has benefits that can outweigh the costs. It's widespread in Europe, and more American transit agencies should give it a serious look.

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Intueor works with public sector organizations to drive efficiency and modernization, effectively manage assets, and deliver projects of any size. Our mission is to figure out how our partners can drive innovation and deliver quality services at the lowest cost, maximizing value.

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