State & Local Government

In a world where change is increasingly the only constant, government agencies will need to more agile and adaptive to effectively deliver critical public services.

State and local government agencies are heavily dependent on technology to improve service delivery, increase capacity, streamline operations, and achieve policy goals. Operating with the most impactful technologies can enable results in a wide range of services -- public health, social services, transportation, education, taxation, criminal justice, financial management, human capital management and many other elements of general administration -- for the benefit of citizens and businesses in the community. Yet many agencies are challenged by outdated and archaic processes, legacy technology systems ready to collapse under the burden of their own weight, loss of knowledgeable staff, and stringent budget constraints.

The rapid changes following the global COVID-19 pandemic illustrate how external events can disrupt business and consumer confidence in government service delivery is shaken. Many organizations responded by relying on technologically mediated environments to continue operations. Others took the opportunity to transform and simplify business processes. Collaboration amongst different jurisdictions, not a viable option until now, offered an opportunity for government agencies to share resources and tackle challenges collectively. Technologies that were previously supporting steady state operations were suddenly thrust into a critical function and are now core elements to delivering on the organization’s value proposition.

Intueor can help state and local government agencies de-bottleneck and simplify public service delivery, purchase and activate robust and resilient technology solutions, and focus on accelerating critical public service delivery.

Sectors & Industries

Governments, public transit, and infrastructure managers must produce solutions equal to the challenges presented in these times. Here's how Intueor is driving transformative change: