Integration and Shared Services

Realize value from cost-intensive back-office functions.

Intueor helps chief executives evaluate, explore, and establish a shared services model of operations to help control and reduce costs, leverage economies of scale, optimize operations and improve customer service delivery through consolidation and streamlining business processes, utilization of spare capacity, sharing best practices, utilizing common procurement and pricing models, and management of service demand through central governance.

We help our clients investigate and identify business functions that are viable for shared-services operations, and take industry best practices to design standardized processes, procedures, and systems. We also help design technology platforms and infrastructure to enable shared-services operation. In working with Intueor, our clients gain effective governance protocols and decision-making frameworks, and standard operating procedures for planning, budgeting, procurement, shared service delivery, and performance management.

Whether your organization is looking to consolidate administrative and back-office functions across the enterprise, or a regional agency looking to consolidate similar-purpose organizations in the region, or a state government agency wanting to collaborate with peer agencies across state-boundaries, we can help you develop and evaluate a shared services strategy.

Additional support that our Integration and Shared Services team provides includes:

  • Addressing people and change management issues including workforce transition, training, and communications;
  • Exploring possibility of outsourcing certain functions/processes;
  • Stabilizing current operations and benchmark operations for continued improvement.

Advisory Specialist

Meet the Leadership Team
Ravi Nandivada

Vice President – Strategic Initiatives and Director of Consulting Services

Related Projects

Establishing a multi-state model for collaboration in providing unemployment insurance benefits.

Intueor has supported a consortium of six state workforce agencies, established to facilitate collaborations in administrating the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program in their respective states by sharing resources, a common vendor, and a common base system. Intueor supported the consortium to identify operational gaps, and establish and implement an operational model for collaborating.

Establishing an asset management office for a first-of-its-kind project in California.

Intueor supported a public authority to establish an Asset Management Office (AMO) to assist in implementing asset management principles, practices, methodologies, tools, and techniques.

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