Case Studies

Preparing for post-COVID-19 changes.

The client, a state government, required a plan for how to build back after COVID-19. Working with partners, Intueor helped understand how the world changed after the pandemic, and uncovered ways to strengthen communities.

To better understand the economic environment confronting the state after COVID-19, lawmakers required models and projections of how the pandemic might incur changes in the labor force, housing, business travel, freight delivery, commercial real estate, migration, and demand for childcare.

Intueor developed a unique method for analyzing population migration and understanding the impacts of migration in and out of the state. We also conducted research on peer government policies centered around last-mile freight delivery and management of the childcare sector. Finally, Intueor led in data research and discovery, analysis, economic modeling, and market forecasting for the childcare sector, and quantified childcare supply gaps in specific communities.

Through Intueor's research, detailed data discovery, and segmentation strategies, the childcare market model discovered supply gaps in the childcare market down to specific age groups, regions within the state, and delivery programs.