Case Studies

Providing key performance indicators to maximize a $15 billion capital plan.

Intueor helped the client maximize its capital planning process to support a $15 billion capital plan. We helped ensure efficient allocation, and executed a cost savings and revenue growth program.

The client began a massive $15 billion capital plan in 2015. To ensure this project was successful, the client needed to improve transparency in the capital allocation process, facilitate discussions between state and local organizations to prioritize spending decisions, and improve capital planning operations.

Intueor helped the client to define the strategy, tradeoffs, and outcomes behind asset investments. We also built a prioritization system and process for aligning investment to state-wide strategy, cost, and public benefit. And we provided a five-year capital allocation plan.

Intueor's work with the client was completed in 2016. We provided a thorough, transparent methodology for choosing potential projects to the public-facing website, and helped increased revenues and optimized service contracts, resulting in a balanced budget for 2018 fiscal year.