Business Process Optimization

Improving and empowering organizations in an extraordinary environment.

Intueor offers targeted assistance to our clients to ensure that business processes are aligned with the organization’s objectives, and are designed to obtain the maximum benefit from organizational knowledge, staff skills, and technology deployment. We work with clients to re-engineer, streamline, and re-focus business processes in an environment impacted by every changing business strategy, technology improvements, staff competencies, and social change, while empowering and positioning the organization for continuous improvement.

Intueor employs a standard set of proven tools for documentation and analysis, such as process flows and diagrams, value-added analysis, statistical techniques, time ladders, effort-to-value, layout evaluation, decision point analysis, and others.

We can help optimize business processes for general improvement, or as part of delivering other project assistance based on reorganization, implementing new systems and technology, budgetary or funding changes, outsourcing or insourcing, external factors such as COVID-19, and other changes.

Additional Business Process Optimization tools that Intueor employs include:

  • Work organization, planning, and design
  • Technology deployment and implementation
  • Regulatory evaluation and compliance

Advisory Specialist

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Andy Wakefield

Director, Transit Operations Management Consulting Practice

Michael Kilpatrick

Principal Consultant

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Delivering a comprehensive assessment of a large transit agency's current strategy, financial management, and operations.

Intueor provided comprehensive support for a client to redesign processes, assess capabilities and staff, and build a set of recommendations that would transform the agency.

Business process re-engineering from capital projects to operations.

The client took a close look at their enterprise asset management (EAM) program in 2019, identifying asset handover and onboarding for both new and replacement assets as a high-impact issue. Intueor was responsible for helping manage the project and identifying several critical business improvement initiatives.

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