Strategic Planning

Cutting through the noise to set a strategy for achieving objectives.

Strategic planning is practiced differently in every organization.  What is consistent is the need for organizations to identify factors that impact its mission and objectives, to continually monitor and assess key trends and changes, and to recognize when to adjust both short- and long-term strategy.  

Never has this been more important than today, as every aspect of the current environment is shifting in response to the pandemic, as well as to social, political, and economic changes.  Customer values and behavior, workforce availability and preferences, technology, and communications methods are only a few areas of major change. Intueor can assist our clients in cutting through the noise, focusing on the factors critical to the success of the organization, and formulating effective strategies to achieve goals and objectives.

Intueor uses straightforward analysis and planning techniques to support fact-based decision-making, and to align actions, initiatives, and performance measures with strategic direction. The result is a practical, implementable plan expressed in specific actions and steps, and supported by sufficient resources and funding.

We provide our clients with clear “Monday morning” direction to begin implementing strategic changes, and are often retained by our clients to assist in implementation.

Intueor's Strategic Planning support also includes:

  • Organizational and business strategic planning
  • IT strategic planning
  • Asset management policy, strategy, and planning
  • Re-organization, outsourcing and insourcing functions
  • Divisional and departmental strategic planning

Advisory Specialist

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Andy Wakefield

Director, Transit Operations Management Consulting Practice

Vijay Mididaddi

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Related Projects

Designing a plan for advancing information technology systems.

Intueor led the development of an agency-wide IT strategic plan for one of the largest transit agencies in the United States, outlining a 10-year horizon for IT initiatives, including business applications, IT hardware and infrastructure, ITS organizational structure, and IT operational efficiencies.

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