Organizational Change Management

Managing the people side of change to deliver results.

Unlike project management, which is focused on the realization of specific tasks or deliverables, change management is focused on the outcomes of change by managing the people side of change. Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a framework that enables stakeholders to quickly and comprehensively realize results. OCM is a critical, and often overlooked, element to managing impacts surrounding major business changes.

Intueor’s OCM framework is based on Prosci’s ADKAR® model and is structured in a manner that allows for variable degrees of OCM activities to be deployed, based on the specific needs of the project or the client. Intueor utilizes a robust set of unique, custom developed, well-proven tools to help with stakeholder identification, mapping, analysis, and communication. We work with our client partners to develop detailed and analytical communication plans and materials that are focused on targeting key pockets of internal resistance, or organizational challenges, surrounding major business transformations and change initiatives.

Our goal is to support projects on all levels. We have proven success in utilizing our OCM methodologies in a way that increases the speed and rate of adoption surrounding change, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings and decreased levels of stakeholder fatigue.

Intueor's Organizational Change Management practice focuses on the people side of change, placing emphasis on universal adoption of:

  • New processes
  • Required skills
  • Internal behaviors
  • Company values

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