Unemployment Insurance

State unemployment agencies were pushed to the brink during COVID-19. Intueor help make sure agencies are prepared for the next crisis.

State workforce agencies face immense challenges produced by antiquated systems, inflexible processes, shortages of qualified staff, constrained budgets, and, most importantly, sudden and overwhelming spikes in unemployment caused by natural disasters, economic recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges cause sub-par customer service, delayed payment of urgently needed benefits to claimants, an inability to support re-employment, and billions of dollars in fraudulent claims that lead to insolvent trust funds.

State governments can benefit from simplifying the way they engage with their constituents, streamlining their internal operations, adopting innovative technology solutions, and collaborating with their peers through multi-state consortia or shared investments. Intueor’s consultants have stepped up to help state workforce agencies quickly respond to unforeseen needs, build resilience into their program operations, make sustainable investments in technology and be better prepared for the next big crisis.

Sectors & Industries

Governments, public transit, and infrastructure managers must produce solutions equal to the challenges presented in these times. Here's how Intueor is driving transformative change: