Case Studies

Delivering key performance indicators to support a massive capital project at one of the world's busiest ports.

Intueor provided strategic support to the client -- including an assessment of organizational capacities and capabilities, and probability of success -- as it embarked on a $5 billion capital program.

In 2012 the client began a $5 billion capital improvement project, and wanted to ensure the project was not beset with cost overruns and delays.

Intueor interviewed the client's board of directors, legal executives, and staff to conduct a benchmark study of best practices from peer agencies. This study informed efforts to reorganize engineering staff and identify strategic hiring needs. We also developed operational procedures, standards, and best practice guidelines for efficient project delivery.

Intueor completed our work for the client in 2016, but not before we helped produce a five-year capital plan to maximize operations. Our team identified areas for staffing-level improvements, rationalizing and justifying 35 additional positions for in-house capacity and capability enhancement. We chartered ground-up project controls and centralized procurement divisions with operating structure and protocols. We created appropriate amount of board control and improved transparency for change orders. And Intueor strengthened project manager role and accountability with proper checks and balances.

With our support, the client was able to complete a $5 billion capital improvement program.