Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Owners and operators continue to face infrastructure funding challenges, public scrutiny, and struggle to deliver projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

While the infrastructure industry has been exposed to modern technologies and new delivery paradigms, owner and operators are still plagued by siloed business processes and systems, operational inefficiencies from misaligned organizational functions, risk of losing grants, out-of-control delivery costs, and schedule erosions. Organizations can benefit from strengthening internal processes, handoffs, interfaces, and measures of accountability.

Intueor has enabled organizations to streamline their capital program planning and delivery mechanisms through diagnostics, assessments, implementation of actionable improvements in design, engineering and construction management processes, support in enhancing organizational capability, aligning capacities, procurement and contract management, integrated systems for asset handover, capital project management, and financial controls.

Sectors & Industries

Governments, public transit, and infrastructure managers must produce solutions equal to the challenges presented in these times. Here's how Intueor is driving transformative change: