Case Studies

Fortifying state unemployment processing systems.

Transforming underlying technology for a system in operation for some states while active development is in progress for other states - in an accelerated, automated, cost effective, and least disruptive manner.

The client is a consortium of states that have come together to invest commonly in a technology system to support Unemployment Insurance programs in their respective states. The consortium had to keep the underlying technology current and sustainable as newer states were being onboarded to the consortium.

Intueor supported the consortium by developing a one-of-a-kind automated conversion toolset, "Exodus Framework," to convert more than 97% of the code automatically. We converted Apache Struts based presentation layer of UI system to Java Server Faces and Prime Faces. And Intueor converted legacy Hibernate and xDoclets technology for Object Resource Mapping (ORM) to Java Persistence Architecture (JPA).

The benefits delivered by Intueor include:

  • Saving millions of dollars in manual conversion costs by utilizing Intueor's proprietary converter toolset (Exodus Framework).
  • Converting more than 5 million lines of code with minimal resource commitments from state staff.
  • Extending useful life of technology by at least 10 years and laid the foundation for newer capabilities to be introduced to address customer experience, higher performance, and system efficiencies.